The Best Managed IT Services in Buffalo

Is your small or medium sized business getting the attention it deserves? Great IT is the backbone of your business and choosing a team to work with can make all the difference.  There’s many factors to consider when choosing a managed service provider, but we want to show why Synchronet is the best choice in Buffalo!

Best Support for Small and Medium sized Businesses

Our goal is to provide outstanding IT services to businesses that keep Buffalo thriving. We work hard to provide the support that you would expect in large organizations, to businesses with less than 500 employees.

We believe that providing reliable technical services is about bringing all your technology together to synchronize and work for you.

It’s about taking servers, work stations, applications, access and security protocols, maintenance and support and integrating it together to create a network that helps you work smarter.

We have the experience to help bring together all the different parts of your technical needs and creating repeatable processes and a series of best practices that help stimulate small business and make your daily activities work together smoothly. 

We are the experts in Western New York because we have spent over 2 decades helping small businesses. Our time working in Buffalo started in 1998 and we are dedicated to continue providing answers and outstanding managed services to our customers.

Better Services for Less Money!save money piggy bank

Great technology is not about how can spend the most money. We have the industry experience to know what you truly need and how to make your IT work for you.

Many people see services providers as just a necessary cost. However, we believe in providing more.

We enable our clients to reduce their IT expenses by over 20% on average! When combined with our integrated services you can not only save money, but also maximize performance and productivity. This means you get more done for less money than ever before!

Honest, Up Front, and Consistent

We are true to our word. We don’t believe in missed deadlines or projects that go over cost. We think hidden fees are despicable practices that are used to trick people into spending more than they planned.

Our commitment to your business is a guarantee. Our experienced team can give you a detailed design plan based on decades of experience that can ensure we will get your project done on time, and within budget.

Our Response time is unmatched and you can be sure that you will be speaking to a real person who is dedicated to helping you solve your problems.

We believe in a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. We don’t make excuses and we don’t place blame.

Our goal is to provide honest and competitive IT pricing along with great managed services that will speak for themselves.

Our experience in Buffalo and West Seneca helps us find the services that will actually help you business. 

We offer a number of IT solutions that can help your business move forward. We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike and this is where our experience shines.

The goal is to help your business run smoothly. Our numerous managed services options work to help all the pieces of your business come together in a way that works for you.

Give us a call!

We are eager to show you why Sychronet is THE option for small and medium sized businesses in Buffalo.

We offer a 100% free, no obligation IT services consultation that can help you get started. Our honest consultation and expertise are our pride and joy. 

Please give us a call to learn more about how Synchronet can help your business thrive with managed services.