SynchroNet Security Assessments

You can protect your organization and customer information from cyber-attacks and hackers. Almost all people lock their doors when away from home or at night. But there are times when you forget to block intrusion from the entry through an open window or garage. 

Even at times, if you have a security system, you can forget to turn it on. Similar is the case with your customer and organization data. If there are loopholes in the security, your data is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

SynchroNet provides you with its security assessment solutions to deal with this issue. Business owners are also very concerned about the data and worry about various security breaches. However, even if companies have safeguarded their data and systems, they might not have implemented these security measures effectively. 

These systems must be assessed regularly to check for vulnerabilities to ensure that they are working properly. And this is where the Security Assessments by SynchroNet come into play. 

This solution is based on a comprehensive process to protect all your vital data. This solution reviews current security protocols and access lists and identifies vulnerabilities and risks. Moreover, it reports any findings and recommends different steps that you need to take. 

It assists in developing protocols and security policies and helps execute security solutions from firewalls to remove access on the desktop. 

Apart from that, it also assures HIPAA compliance or various MU procedures. This solution provides ongoing security assessment and various other reporting procedures. Doing so ensures an improved monitoring system and better responsive mechanisms. 

You have to understand that it is not just a matter of your business data and financial records. It’s the matter of any malicious intrusions into your IT networks. It puts your clients at risk too.

Therefore, the information should be well-protected and compliant with various government regulations. So, contact SynchroNet for your firm’s security assessment today.