Understanding Malware Detection and Prevention

There was a time when cyber security for personal computers and workstations was mostly limited to installing a firewall along with a reliable and up-to-date antivirus application. This kind of approach, which is based on prevention, is largely insufficient nowadays. The cyber threat environment these days has become far too sophisticated for the firewall and antivirus combination to handle. Because we understand the modern threats, SynchroNet can provide your business with up to date security.

Modern business networks tend to have multiple end points; we are talking about desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, virtual machines, servers, and even devices such as cloud printers that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). For malicious hackers, the typical business data network is a target-rich environment. Every single end point presents opportunities to intrude networks, inject malware, launch phishing attacks, expand botnets, install spyware, and carry out other nefarious activities.

Effective information security strategies involve more than just antivirus solutions. What office networks need these days are real-time solutions such as Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) augmented with threat intelligence. When networks are protected by AV with EDR solutions, quite a few cyber threats can be effectively prevented before they do damage. The idea is to implement a protective layer that can extend to all network users.

AV with EDR takes into account advanced persistent threats, attack vectors, exploits, malware, malicious scripts, trojans, and many other cyber threats currently used by hackers. In many cases, EDR solutions can detect and neutralize threats that are able to bypass installed AV programs. All network activities are analyzed by these solutions; from user events to files and from memory allocations to registry changes are scrutinized in real-time for the ultimate in information security.

EDR solutions are only as good as the professional security teams that manage them. The response element is crucial; in many cases, it can be automated, but some APT attacks will require hands-on attention and special actions that need to be carried out by IT security professionals. In other words, EDR strategies are not only preventative but also reactive, and that is where SynchroNet shines. We provide you with protection you need from malware. Call us today and we can help you secure your networks!