What’s Happening at SynchroNet?

We’ve enjoyed modest growth over the last year as we’ve welcomed many new organizations into The SynchroNet Way. We want to thank our existing/long-term customers for your continued trust and for the opportunity to help your organizations succeed. To our new newest customers, we are excited to have you aboard and can’t wait to make a difference in your businesses and your lives. We are truly grateful to be a part of everyone’s continued and future successes.

Our growth has enabled us to be better for our clients; we’ve continued to refine our own processes which include better defining how we support our clients (thereby increasing the speed and accuracy of our customer service).

We have made significant investments in new staff, tools and technologies to support your business. Some of our newest technology investments will make a dramatic difference in the quality of our support. We are really excited to embed these technologies into our current support model.

We’ve intensified employee training on new and existing technologies so that our team can better help your team be more efficient and productive. This training also helps us better manage emergency situations, so if something goes wrong, we can more quickly ensure that you get back to business.

Communication is paramount to our mutual success as we work together, and we understand just how important this is. We will continue to send periodic security blasts, on-going newsletters, and white papers to educate the folks we support. The more you know about changing technology forefront, the better.

As members of the Western New York business community, we proudly support our local Chamber of Commerce and continue to strive to be good corporate citizens by looking for opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives such as Kids Escaping Drugs, annual AIDS walk and various other local foundations.

If you have any feedback for us on how we can try to be more awesome, please reach out to me directly, [email protected]!