State of the IT Industry

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with everyone my view of the IT industry as it relates to your business and its growth and say a few words about what’s in store for SynchroNet for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016.

Best Regards, Jerry Sheehan

Looking Ahead to Changes in Technology 

Technology continues to be a huge part of the business world, touching every aspect of communications and business operations. We need to be functional in all areas (mobile, office, and field infrastructure) just to stay in business and be competitive today. The business world has completely shifted to 24×7, and whether your business is 9-5 or not, you are expected to be “connected” whenever possible.

Networks (and all its related components … overall architecture, hardware, software, functionality, accessibility, and user competence) have to be well-planned and properly orchestrated as everything depends on everything else: from accounting software to email to accessing your files, your entire IT infrastructure needs to be synchronized and accessible, anytime and anywhere. And, as business applications continue to improve and offer greater and greater capabilities, it’s more important than ever that supporting systems and processes are in place to take advantage of these advances, or the full value of your IT investments will not be realized.

Next, what is the Cloud and why should you care? Whether your main business application is in your back room on a traditional server infrastructure or hosted somewhere else, a business application may or may not provide the connectivity and interactivity your business needs to be more effective. Moving your applications to the Cloud doesn’t necessarily make your business more productive; it’s the application itself that must support the functionality your business demands. Your specific business’ circumstances will define whether or not an application moves to the cloud or not.

Finally, it is now crucial for organizations to have the best possible IT strategies and processes in place to support their complex business efforts due to our complete reliance on technology to run our businesses. And no other aspect of IT management and process is more critical than network security. A poorly secured network infrastructure can destroy a complete business in minutes; we have seen this a number of times just in last 12 months with some big-named companies.