Network Issues: Using Too Much Bandwidth

Broadband Internet service has transformed our ability to conduct business-allowing us to work together, serve customers and share information from just about anywhere. Yet, Internet bandwidth is not unlimited. We may have to find ways to conserve, and we may need to rein rapacious users within our organizations. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Block Streaming Services – It may not make you the most popular boss in the world, but on the other hand, should you really be paying your employees to watch YouTube videos or listening to music on Spotify? Streaming services consume a lot of bandwidth.
  • Schedule Downloads at Off-Peak Times – Why not avoid the rush hour traffic? Download-manager applications generally have scheduling functionality so you can move large files when no one is around.
  • Centralize Application Updates – You know how your computer is always asking to update various applications? Each time that happens, bandwidth is being consumed. You can centralize the process so updates are downloaded just once to be accessed by all users later on.
  • Cut Out the Personal VoIP Phone Calls – Businesses save a lot of money with VoIP phone services, but those calls also use bandwidth. Set limits on non-business related phone calls.
  • Check for Malware – Is malware taking over your computers and making them do things without your knowledge? Be sure you have good anti-virus software and that you frequently scan your systems to see that they are clean.

It will be up to you to write the memos or talk with your employees as to how they can help you conserve bandwidth. But, you can count on SynchroNet for the technical assistance you need to stay within your limits and carry out your daily business.