Making the Web Friendlier to Mobile Devices

In case you missed it, April 22nd was Mobilegeddon. (Technically it was also Earth Day, but we’re a technology company, so ….) On that day, Google unleashed a new algorithm that governs their search engine ranking of sites based on “mobile-friendliness.”

Why mobile friendly?

So why did Google make this change to the search engine?  Cell phones and tablets account for the majority of the internet traffic today. With that in mind, Google explains that the change in their algorithm is to make it easier for users of its search engine “to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

Think about it.  When you search the internet, are you on your phone/tablet?  Or are you on your computer?  Have you ever visited a site that doesn’t look quite right on your phone or tablet?

Wondering how Google rates your Website for Mobile friendliness? You can test any page here.