Cyber Security: Why “Getting Started” Matters

We can spend months reviewing the tools and upgrades we know we need for better cyber safety and security. However, knowledge about better practices doesn’t make anything safer. You have to dive in. Here’s how to jump in with SynchroNet:

  • Start by downloading the 10 Things Planning Worksheet.
  • Next, create a structure for managing your improved cyber security program. Many people lose traction by not bringing in systematic steps and accountability.
  • If you’re working as a small company, ensure that someone is acting as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • Use ongoing training and testing to confirm your team’s understanding of your security policies. Simulations should not be undervalued!
  • Stay current on the status of your network security, access controls, email filters, firewall configuration and more.
  • Audit your backup policy. Will you weather an attack without losing valuable data assets?

This next part is the most important. Too many small businesses make the mistake of assuming all the risk. This means that they’re trying to patch together a plan for cyber security using a mix of in-house management and piecemeal adoptions of security software. It gets messy. Get around this by only working with vendors with sophisticated solutions that are focused on cyber security. Consider bringing in cyber security insurance to protect your company.

It’s important for every business to bolster protection against data breaches and cyber attacks that can be devastating to operations. However, there’s one particular reason why your company may not be able to pass the buck any longer when it comes to getting serious about better Cyber Security. In 2019, the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act was passed. This law puts some serious legal responsibilities for data-security requirements on companies collecting information on residents of New York. There’s a good chance this law applies to your company even if you think it doesn’t.

What’s the most important thing you can do to bolster cyber security? Knowing your business isn’t secure isn’t enough to protect you. Just get started. Download the SynchroNet whitepaper to get an in-depth outline of everything your business needs to do next for protection and compliance.