Five Simple Tips for Writing a Business Email

At SynchroNet, we’re all about IT. Still, we recognize there’s a human component to every electronic function. We believe, how we use a digital tool is as important as that tool’s capabilities. This is important to remember if we ever hope to get the most out of our computer systems. This includes the thought that goes into crafting a business email.

Here are Five Tips for Writing a Better Business Email

With that, we thought we’d share these fundamental tips for composing a more effective business email.
  1. Have an objective in mind – Why do you need to send an email and what result are you hoping to get? Let these considerations guide your composition.
  2. Get to the point – Try to avoid writing an email so long that one needs to scroll to read it all. Figure out what information you need to communicate and express that in as economical a manner as possible.
  3. Add a friendly touch – You can be brief but stay pleasant.  A friendly salutation to open and a wish of a pleasant day at the close is always nice.
  4. Proof read before you send – Typos can be embarrassing and cast you in a bad light, but even worse, they may lead to serious misunderstandings. Take a few minutes make sure your message is mistake free.
  5. Limit the CCs and back and forth – If you’re not careful, an email can grow to a monstrous length, especially if you start including more and more people in the “conversation.” Once the replies and recipients start piling up, skip the email and pick up the phone for a conference call.
We don’t doubt you could have come up with these ideas on your own, but we also think it sometimes helps to be reminded of things we already know. And any little thing we can do to make our email inboxes less overwhelming will be worth the effort.