Setting Goals, Not Rainbows, Is the Way to Your Pot of Gold

Maybe on March 17 you can count on the luck of the Irish, but we at SynchroNet prefer to put our faith in planning for success with proven, repeatable processes-e.g. The SynchroNet Way. And how, exactly do we know what constitutes that success? That’s where goals come into play:

Set goals that truly provide motivation – Too often, we feel pressure to do things because other people believe it’s what we should do, or we set goals in accordance with some mathematical algorithm for success. Instead of that, set your goals based on your personal priorities so you’ll feel motivated to actually achieve them. (For example, we’re motivated by seeing our clients grow their businesses!)

Make your goals SMART – Rely on the SMART acronym for setting your goals:

  • Specific (clear and well-defined);
  • Measurable (standards for determining success);
  • Attainable (avoid the impossible dream);
  • Relevant (another step in a longer, more meaningful journey); and
  • Timely (set deadlines).

Put Your goals in Writing – When a project gets underway it’s easy to be victimized by mission creep, or distracted by peripheral developments along the way. By putting your goals in writing, you will always have a reference point to help you maintain your focus.

Have an Action Plan – In 1962, President John Kennedy set the goal of getting to the moon by the end of the decade, but an awful lot of planning was required to make it happen. Map out every important step between where you are today and all the incremental points of progress. Then line up all the required resources, thus avoiding delays and disappointments along the way.

Hang in There – As they say, Dublin wasn’t built in a day. (Yeah, Rome, whatever … we’ve got the Irish theme going, remember?). Track your progress as a way to help you keep your eyes on the prize, and as a way to remind you how far you’ve come when you meet the inevitable setbacks.

Of course, if your goal is to get the best possible return on your technology investments, there’s no better plan than leaving your IT monitoring, management and maintenance to your friends at SynchroNet!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Stay safe and have fun! Sláinte!