What Does Your Smartphone Have in Common with a Leprechaun?

One is a magical being out of Irish lore, the other is a modern technological marvel. What could leprechauns and smartphones possibly have in common?

We don’t really know where they come from – Yes, we know leprechauns are from Ireland, but where exactly in Ireland? Do they have a hometown? Heck, do they even have mothers and fathers?  All we know is that they can do some amazing things (if they feel like it) and they make funny sounds. It’s the same with smartphones. Sure they come from Apple or Samsung or other mythical places, but how did they really get here? (You don’t actually believe those stories about plants in China, do you?)

They make promises they have no intention of keeping – If you catch one of the wee folk, supposedly he’ll give you a pot of gold (or perhaps grant you a few wishes) and you’ll live happily ever after. Yeah, right. It’s the same deal with smartphones as they constantly promise new features and apps that will solve all your problems … until the next, more expensive version comes out promising to do everything much, much better.

You want to hold it and never let it go – Everybody knows that before you can get a leprechaun’s gold, you have to grab him and keep your eyes on the squirming little fellow or he’ll run away. We obviously feel the same way about our smartphones as we clutch them in a death grip both day and night, with eyes vigilantly fixed upon them, watching what they might do next.