Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

Security breaches are getting too frequent these days. Your regular username and password are no longer enough against the sophistication of cyber attacks.  

Shifting to (MFA) provides specialized layers that create barriers to cyber criminals. As criminals become more technically sophisticated, layering access to accounts creates more barriers for them to overcome.

Think of it as concentric circles. In the center is your account, including client and company information. The outer layer is your password. Moving inward, the next is a specialized code or your personal fingerprint. The next inner circle is your device.

Without these other layers, all a cyber criminal needs to figure out is your password. Unless they have your device and personal features, it becomes nearly impossible for them to enter your accounts.

Incorporating MFA For Your Business

Deploying MFA at a larger scale is not that simple of a task. Various technical issues must be dealt with, and you have to begin from the people’s side.

The primary goal of MFA is to enable it for all, and that cannot be done in one day. Plan your MFA rollout and understand how it will impact your team members. 

Campaign and Train

You must treat this transition similarly to a marketing campaign, and you will have to sell your employees with an idea, training them during this process. You have to make it clear to them that the execution of MFA is for their support AND it requires them to be proactive.

Begin With the Admin Accounts

You need to begin the process from the admin accounts. Your admins at least need to have an MFA because they are privileged users, having access to more important data. They have the highest value, and they are the most urgent to secure. But you can always use them as proof of confidence for a wider adoption later on. 

Plan for Wider Adoption

The next step is to plan for wider adoption. You have to see what systems need to sign in with MFA, including the on-site systems. You can also implement MFA on your current remote access options. 

Make MFA Simpler for Your Team

It will always be an additional step, but you can make this process much smoother as you option for biometrics or retinal scans as the multiple factors for your MFA. This way, your employees won’t have to remember another password or pin, and they also won’t have to keep anything with them to enter the system.