How Do I Use 2FA?

In the past, two-factor authentication (2FA) used to be a kind of tech that would only come from spy movies like Mission Impossible. But this is not the case anymore. 

Most of us are already using 2FA in one way or another. It can either be in the form of 2FA or the more common OTP factor obtained via an authenticator app or SMS. 

Our digital accounts are very important for these hackers and cybercriminals. We have all our personal and financial data in these digital accounts on our devices. 

With the help of 2FA, this issue can be resolved. Many companies are moving towards 2FA for a better security measure. 

What Is This 2FA? 

It is one of the most commonly used MFA or multi-factor authentication forms. MFA relies on multiple factors for authentication, as the name suggests. For example, you will need your card and pin to get money from your ATM. This example involves two authentication factors. 

2FA only needs 2-factor authentication, and you will need to have your device and the number sent to that device. Just enter that number, and you will be able to access that service. 

Another version of this is the app-based 2FA, in which an authenticator app is involved that generates the pin, and you have to enter that to access the service. You have to download the authenticator app to get your pin and enter that to access the service.

Another version of 2FA is hardware-based, and here a device such as a USB flash drive is needed. This type of authentication is much faster, and it doesn’t need much support either. 

These USBs come in different shapes and sizes and offer support to any of your devices. Some devices also come with wireless support. Setting up these devices is very similar to setting up 2FA in other methods. You will have to connect the device first, then log in.

To simplify all of this, you need two forms of verification to access your account. Oftentimes, when you enter your password, a personalized pin will be sent to your personal device, or another form of verification will be required.