New Approaches to Malware Protection

Protecting your IT system against Malware is one of the most important parts of any data management plan. These troublesome programs are always updating and finding new ways to cause trouble in people’s systems. Luckily, as the attacks have evolved so have our strategies to fight them off. Following the updates in malware protection and integrating new strategies to keep your data safe is of the upmost importance for anyone who cares about securing their important information.malware attack

What is Malware and What has been Done?

Malware programs are essentially pieces of software that go into your system and attack what matters to you. This was often done by creating a virus that would spread and infect other files with the malware. The infection gets to your files to encrypt, corrupt data, or cause other problems in your network. 

The response from this was of course to help create software that would detect this kind of attack and help get rid of it. A manual process of removing is possible, but creating an automated program to scam your files for malware and delete them can save hours, days, weeks, or more. So anti-malware became essential for any data management company or just for anyone that wanted to keep their data safe from others.

Malware as Ransonware

Malware was not made just to irritate people; it was made to get something from them. People are attacking because there is something to gain. This could be information, but usually what people eventually want is money. This is where ransonware comes into the picture. Ransomware attacks are malware attacks that allow people to hold your data hostage through encryption.

Once your data is encrypted the attackers can freeze your system and demand money. It is at this point that business owners must choose to comply and spend money they might not to have so they can get back to business; or, try to find a way to delete the program and recover the data which could take weeks or months.

Neither option is ideal. It is not rare to see businesses unable to recover after such an attack. How long can your business go without its data?

How to fight Ransomwarecyber security locked

Ransomware is a difficult enemy to fight. It is no longer common to see simple cyber attacks such as letting a virus run wild. Instead what is we are seeing are quiet programs that run silently in the background of systems that allow attackers to have access to different parts of your network. This can allow them to see your assets, sensitive information, and vulnerabilities that they can take advantage of. If an attacker can see this information then they can plan the stronger attack against your business.

This is why we need updates in malware protection to protect against ransomware attacks. We have programs to automatically fix problems with malware and virus attacks, but what can we do about these quiet programs in the background?

Well these kinds of programs are called anti-breach software. These newer tools are being made to fill the gap of what we have had in the past. Older software used to look for active attacks running through our files, but this newer technology is being made to watch for these sneaky background programs that give our attackers the access they desire.

Why is This important?

There is a sensitive waiting game being played by cyber criminals when they are planning a ransomware attack. They begin to research and plan they attack once a program is installed on your computer that gives them access to your system. At this point you are in danger, but nothing bad has happened yet. No files have been encrypted. No data has been frozen. They may have looked into your system but you are still able to move forward with your business.

So one of the biggest updates in malware protection is to have the ability to look for these background programs. If you can detect them before they go deeper into their system and launch their attack then you can stop the breach, hence anti-breach.

As this kind of technology is becoming better and better we can focus on saving businesses from imminent disaster. Anti-breach software can save people from the attacks that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. It could literally save your business.

Having tools like these to protect your data is essential for anyone that cares about taking care of their business. Our team at Synchronet can do our part to make sure that your data is managed correctly and that your IT team has the support they need.

Give us a call today and we can work together to find an IT security plan that works best for you.