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IT Resources and Blog

Find the latest in IT news, ebooks, insights and more from the SynchroNet team

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RFP Emails Aren't What They Seem

That RFP Email May Not Be What It Seems!

Beware RFP Emails According to the Better Business Bureau Did you think we'd ever need to talk about RFP Emails?...
Independence Day 1776: What If SynchroNet had been there?

If SynchroNet had Been Around in 1776 – Part 2

This is Part 2 in our Independence Day Celebration ... let's keep thinking about what would have happened if SynchroNet...
Imagine The SynchroNet Way ... in 1776

If SynchroNet Had Been Around in 1776 – Part 1

Timeline be Darned ... Because this is Going to be Good On July 4, we’ll celebrate our nation’s birth—241 years...
What will you do with your digital estate?

Do You Have a Plan for Your Digital Estate?

Nothing's Certain Except Death and Taxes, Right? Let's lighten things up and discuss managing your online affairs after you pass...
An Emergency Message from SynchroNet

Dangerous Ransomware Reported Worldwide

Don't fall victim to ransomware called WannaCry. We all have a share in keeping ransomware like WannaCry at bay. Please...
WannaCry Ransomware ... History and Things We've Learned

More about the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Since WannaCry ransomware began holding hundreds of thousands of computers hostage around the world, a lot has happened. We thought...
Pranksters Hack Internet of Things Alarms

‘Internet of Things’ Breach Sounds the Alarm (Literally)

Hackers usually like to work quietly, but that's not always the case ... as residents of Dallas can now attest...
IT Can Actually Help You with Your Taxes

Could IT Help You with Next Year’s Taxes?

We know you're probably done with your taxes for 2016, and we'd guess you'd rather not think about them anymore...
Banking Cyber Security Affects New Yorkers

New Cyber Security Rules in Effect for New York

Banking Cyber Security ... It's for Your Protection As fellow New Yorkers, you may be interested to know that your...



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