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Top Tech Companies in Buffalo

The 6 Top Buffalo Tech Companies

Buffalo sits between New York City and Toronto, Canada. Both of these cities are world-renowned tech hubs. As a result,...

Email Management for Security and Efficiency

The popular image that the Hollywood film and television industry has created to depict hackers often ignores how business-savvy many...

EDR and SOC Solutions for Your Buffalo Business

Why Your Business Needs Modern EDR and SOC Solutions There was a time when IT security for business owners was...

Protecting Your Business From Phishing

Protect Your Business from Phishing Through Staff Education and Training The acclaimed television drama series "Mr. Robot," which ran on...

Android Security Tips for 2022

Even if you are not interested in topics related to information technology, there is a good chance that you have...

Why Physical and Cyber Security Go Hand in Hand

In the world of information security, there is a certain culture of appreciation for hacking skills. Kernel hackers, for example,...

Keep Your Smartphone Secure With These Measures

There is no question that the arrival and consistent progress of mobile technology has greatly elevated our ability to conduct...

Smartphone Security

Smartphone Security Risks We Should All Worry About As part of our commitment to clients, SynchroNet technicians strive to stay...

Cyber Security and Small Business

What Makes Cyber Security Insurance Essential for Small Business Owners? Business owners do not have to operate global enterprises in...



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